Taprock Northwest Grill Food Highlights

Sasquatch Sampler

Sometimes you go to a restaurant and are so hungry you just can't decide on anything to eat. Has this happened to you? Well we have just the ticket to give you some more time to decide on an entree! Our Sasquatch Sampler! Sweet onion rings, Taprock cheese triangles, Franks® red hot wings, crispy zucchini logs, served with ranch, marinara and blue cheese dipping sauces. 

This appetizer is one of the favorites over the years with our guests and continues to prove it's standing power. Enjoy biting into this amazing dish while figuring out what entree is calling your name. Or maybe this is exactly what you needed to fill the hunger inside. 

A mixture of savory, spicy and everything good our Sasquatch Sampler is here to set your mind right! Enjoy!