Taprock Northwest Grill Food Highlights

Hellgate Fire Burger

Looking for something that represents summer?! Well look no further! Our Hellgate Fire Burger is just that, a taste of summer right here at Taprock! Kobe Beef Burger Patty, Jack Cheese, Sliced Avocado, Jalapeño, Onion Strings, Franks® Red Hot Sauce, Salsa and Chipotle Mayo on a grilled brioche bun! 

As we experience our kids going back to school, we know that summer is soon coming to an end! With that said, our burgers are here all year round and ready for consumption. The Hellgate Fire Burger is a great way to stay summer fresh even in the harshest Fall or Winter! Pair your burger with our endless Idaho fries, sweet potato fries or go full upgrade and grab our loaded fries. And you know, grab a nice local beer to wash it down with and live summer all year long. 

Join us for the last days of summer and enjoy your burger on our deck overlooking the Rogue River!