Taprock Northwest Grill Food Highlights

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich

​Chicken has always been one of the foods that you almost can never go wrong with! Whether grilled, baked or fried, chicken is chicken. Now with that said, add in some other world standards like marinara sauce and cheese and you have now entered into the world of Chicken Parmesan. Our Chicken Parmesan Sandwich will not let you down, crispy breaded chicken breast, zesty marinara sauce, fresh basil, parmesan, sliced tomato, jack cheese on a garlic grilled brioche bun. 

This is the perfect sandwich for any weather and any time of the day. Ok maybe not breakfast, but how about a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich for lunch or dinner, something to fill you up but leave you still wanting more. Pair that with a nice beer and our endless Idaho potato fries and boy are you on to something!

Sit back and enjoy some old fashioned comfort food at its best!