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Things To Do In Grants Pass

We are fortunate enough to live in this wonderful place! In a place where families can thrive and grow together as a part of a community. Grants Pass provides so much for these families to do, and we are lucky to be a part of that. 

Out of the mind of the late Brady Adams, Taprock Northwest Grill opened in May of 2009 and immediately created a buzz in the community. An iconic structure, built to resemble an amazing fishing lodge, with big timbers, stonework and artwork both inside and out, perched right on the banks of the mighty Rogue River, became a community landmark for the city of Grants Pass. The signature building, that for years thousands of motorists crossing the 7th Street bridge witnessed take shape, along with its surrounding park with water features and beautiful animal statues, lead to the partnership and ultimately the purchase by Dave and Doneta Thomason, and at the same time intrigued the community to experience an exciting spread of unique food options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Dave and Doneta Thomason remain owners and Taprock today represents Grants Pass, Southern Oregon and ultimately the Pacific Northwest. From the physical characteristics that bring the amazing lodge-style to life to the focused entrées and items that represent exactly that, the Pacific Northwest at its finest. We are very involved in our community, and truly believe that we are only as strong as the people that surround us. Our focus over the years has not changed, and we continue to provide a great place for locals to call their favorite for many reasons, as well as the influx of visitors who come to Grants Pass and choose to dine on our deck overlooking the Rogue River for the short time they're here.

Our goal is to continue what we started, to remain a staple in this wonderful place we call home, to provide amazing Pacific Northwest fare inspired by the region, and utilize ingredients sourced locally from farmlands and waters all around us. Above all that, we will continue to be a leader in our community and our region and provide opportunities, hope and vision for the coming generations to build upon. Additional goals, include franchising opportunities, to grow this amazing restaurant into a household name throughout the state and celebrate what makes Taprock Northwest Grill a favorite to many.

If you are looking for something to do in Grants Pass, OR, stop in to Taprock Northwest Grill and think about it. Grab a great meal and some drinks to ponder the next step in your day. Sit on the deck and enjoy the scenic views while thinking about what's next.

We are fortunate enough to reside in the most beautiful location in Grants Pass and our guests get to truly enjoy it. While dining on some incredible food and sipping on some flavorful drinks, you can experience the amazing views of the mighty Rogue River. Maybe even catch some of Hellgates' Jetboats flying by. Taprock Northwest Grill should be a stop on your list, whether visiting, driving through, or local, we are here and waiting to serve you.