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An Unbeatable Tourist Attraction

The atmosphere of Taprock Northwest Grill has been described as unbeatable by many tourists throughout the past. Rain or shine, the building is proudly sat alongside the Rogue River and in between the staple bridges of Grants Pass. Whether one looks left or right, they will most likely get to see the many art installations that were completed for Evergreen Park before Taprock's grand opening in May of 2009. A well-established artist named Bob Eding was commissioned to create several of these masterpieces, including the enormous mural that fills the entire bottom wall with beautiful forestry. As if one would assume it could not get any better, it can. Eding sporadically added a humorous quality to his pieces by secretly incorporating little objects that might not belong. The mural is the best example of this, if one looks close enough, they would be able to find Darth Vader's mask along with gnomes dancing along the creek. This light-hearted artistry is just the "cherry on top" as one would say to the dining experience Taprock has to offer daily. Next time one makes a trip to visit us, we highly recommend not only taking in the delicious food, but the artistry as well.

On the way to being sat, take in your surroundings. Do you see the gorgeous metal work on the elevator door? Peeking in the upstairs dining room, do you see the realistic wooden trunk cascading from the ceiling, becoming part of the mantle for our stone fireplace? Continue your trek down the stairs. Do you see the beautifully architected steel pine branch protruding from the wall, miraculously acting as a glass holder? Start walking around the grounds. Take time to admire our 500lb front doors and the complexities they hold. Do you see some objects hiding around the crevices of the bronzed forestry? We will give you a hint, you can find a chipmunk, a turtle, and other little animals if you look close enough. Have you passed by the 2-tiered waterfall? Looking closer, have you noticed the railing and how fish have been methodically placed, effortlessly creating motion out of a simple metal structure? These structures are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the artistry that went into making Taprock a one-of-a-kind restaurant.

This mural painted by Bob Eding extends along the entirety of our bottom floor, allowing lots of room for admiration.

This statue is one of many meticulously placed around the grounds at Taprock. You may also find life-sized bronze statues of bears, deer, and other animals that are definitely picture-worthy.

Nothing says a grand entrance quite like this. The intricacies of these 500lb doors are incomparable. Along with these being made from bronze, you'll be able to encounter a life-sized bronze elk just 20 feet away.

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What a great restaurant: great food, great service and extremely great water views.

Kathy Edwards

Excellent service with atmosphere that is second to none.

Crystal Lynne