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Date Night

As couples, we are always looking for restaurants or places to take our significant others for a nice date night. The struggle is real, as there are plenty of options, but we're not sure any of these fit the night we have planned. We at Taprock have taken this into consideration when discussing our restaurant and where it stands with our guests. We...
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Hellgate Jetboats - Casual Dining Southern Oregon

Take a ride on Hellgate Jetboats, explore the wonders and beauty of the amazing Rogue River. But either before or after your awesome boat ride, stop in and enjoy food and drinks at Taprock Northwest Grill.  Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner with your significant other or just getting off the Hellgate boat, we are your stop. We offer...
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Things To Do In Grants Pass

We are fortunate enough to live in this wonderful place! In a place where families can thrive and grow together as a part of a community. Grants Pass provides so much for these families to do, and we are lucky to be a part of that.  Out of the mind of the late Brady Adams, Taprock Northwest Grill opened in May of 2009 and immediately created a...
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New Menus Are In

The new menus have arrived! Hope to see you on Tuesday for the new menu release! #taprock #newmenu   It's official! Our new menus are now on the tables or in your hands! :) We are truly proud of this upgrade, from some amazing new items and an extreme change in the format! We are giving our guests a "catalog" or booklet type feel. So while fin...
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Evergreen Park

Take a trip through Evergreen Park and check out all there is! Just beautiful! 🤩 #taprock #stroll #greatday #sunshine #grantspass   Since the beginning, the beautiful setting of Taprock is nestled right in Evergreen Park! From beautiful foliage to outstanding works of art, there is always something new to see! Take a short walk and experience ...
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Mamosa Sunrise

When it's Thirsty Thursday we find the sunshine inside! #taprock #thirstythursday #yup   This drink is everything you need for your breakfast! A slight twist on the standard Mamosa and it truly lives up to it's name. Come on in and order one of these drinks today and get your morning off to a great start!

The Yeti Burger

  This Yeti Burger is calling your name! If you're quiet you can hear it! Listen! #taprock #burgersandbrews #grantspass #wednesday This burger is one of our top favorites! If you have not tried the Yeti Burger, you are missing out!

Caesar Salad Anyone?

  Your Caesar Salad is waiting! #taprock #caesarsalad #monday Salads are important in ones diet! However, sprinkle some flavor and you can't go wrong, especially with our Caesar Salad! Whether you're munching on a large dinner salad or a small portioned appetizer salad, you can't go wrong with the mouth punching flavor!

Celebrating a Decade on The Rogue

  10 Years has flown by! Celebrating a decade on the Rogue River right here in Grants Pass! Heads up, we have some exciting things coming your way soon! #taprock #10years #grantspass #southernoregon #rogueriver — at Taprock Northwest Grill Grants Pass . 10 Years ago we opened this amazing restaurant. We are celebrating a decade on the Rogue Ri...
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Beer Battered Cod/Halibut

Need something to remind you of the sunshine? How about some Beer Battered Cod? #taprock #cod #seafood Mountain View Brewing   Being a restaurant perched right on the amazing Rogue River, it's a must to provide some amazing, mouth watering, seafood! Our beer battered cod or halibut is just the thing you need, if you are a seafood lover. Try it...
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Wine Anyone?

Come on by and enjoy our wide selection of amazing northwest inspired wines! #taprock #wine Remember happy hour 3-6 and again 9-close!   Here at Taprock Northwest Grill we pride ourselves on the selection of beers and wines available to you. Whatever you choose, we have it. Darks, lights or desserts, and a majority selected from right here in ...
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Moscow Mule

  #MoscowMule and a cold beer! Why not?! #taprock #happyhour We have beer, wine and cocktails! Whatever you are thirsting for, we are here to accommodate! With 24 micro brews on tap and a wide selection of wines, you can't go wrong. And to top it all off we have some amazing cocktails ready and waiting. Including the amazingly popular Moscow M...
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Franks® Red Hot Wings

  These are 🔥 ! No literally, fire. 😊 who's ready for our Frank's Red Hot Wings?! #taprock #spicy #yummy When it comes to "hot" wings we have a feeling ours are the best! Franks® Red Hot Wing Sauce is the ingredient to have, to take our wings above the rest! Come on in and try our Hot Wings and let us know what you think. Do you need them hott...
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Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

  Anyone tried the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake? Oh wow! Looks amazing and tastes even better! #taprock #dessert #cheescake Dessert is a must! Always try and leave room for some amazing desserts here at Taprock. This Vanilla Bean Cheesecake is absolutely amazing. It will dance on your taste buds and hit you with flavor that is unlike anything. And ...
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Bring on The Sunshine

  The sun is shining and the deck is open! Doesn't get any better than that! #taprock #sunshine #grantspass When the sun shines here in Grants Pass, it shines bright. It highlights all of the beauty here in Southern Oregon. And when the light gleams off of the Rogue River it is purely majestic. We are so amazed of the beauty this place we call...
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Pork Belly Sliders

Pork Belly Sliders with Bacon Jam! Heads up, new menu items coming soon! #taprock #menushoot — with David Thomason , Patrick Hoadley and Terry Hopkins .   We are working tirelessly on our new menu set to be released late May 2019. We are bringing back some classic items, and some fresh new items that people have been asking for. It's not alway...
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What You're Craving

What are you craving?? How about a great meal, #sunshine on the deck, and some ice cold drinks to go with? Yup! #taprock #goodeats #grantspass   We have a wide variety of menu items. Yes, breakfast, Lunch and Dinner but we have seafood, burgers, pasta, steak, dinner salads, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free. Just about anything for dietary needs ...
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Yeah, we have beer!

So, yeah, we have beer! 😊 Check us out on TapLister for our current list! #taprock #beer #happyhour We are fortunate enough to say that we here at Taprock Northwest Grill have one of the largest selection of Microbews or beers on tap in Southern Oregon. We are always rotating our beer selection to include a wide spread and local focus. From 805, an...
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Hellgate Fire Burger

  Who's brave enough to take on the #Hellgate Fire Burger?! May the 4th be with you! 🔥 🔥 #taprock #fireburger #hellgate Our burgers and brews are something to marvel over! We at Taprock believe that we can compete with any other establishment when it comes to our dining, especially our burgers! We have a great selection, and soon to grow, sect...
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River Dining in Grants Pass

Come on out and enjoy the sunshine on the deck! ☀️ #taprock #sunshine #grantspass #southernoregon   Sometimes we don't even have to say anything, you know. Taprock has some of the best views in Grants Pass of the beautiful Rogue River. You can simply go to Riverside Park and enjoy the river and stare across at us, or you can come over enjoy th...
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