Our Tours

Taprock Northwest Grill, a beautiful riverfront restaurant right here in Grants Pass, Oregon. A Southern Oregon Icon, and a place to experience!

Simply click through to a virtual tour of our facilities and see for yourself the absolute gorgeous setting for your dining pleasure. Whether right off the boat from Hellgate Jetboat Excursions or a romantic dinner for two with your significant other, we can cater to your needs.

Our goal is to continue what we started, to remain a staple in this wonderful place we call home, to provide amazing Pacific Northwest fare inspired by the region, and utilize ingredients sourced locally from farmlands and waters all around us. Above all that, we will continue to be a leader in our community and our region and provide opportunities, hope and vision for the coming generations to build upon. Additional goals, include franchising opportunities, to grow this amazing restaurant into a household name throughout the state and celebrate what makes Taprock Northwest Grill a favorite to many.

Click on the image below and choose your tour! Take a walk around the restaurant and see all of the incredible sights! Then join us for a meal!